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About Me

K Studio began as a hobby by artists Travis Leichssenring that turned into a business. Being a gamer himself Travis noticed that there was a gap between role-playing gamers and their characters that had been ignored by the gaming companies.  The gap was that players had to verbalize their character descriptions and this usual lead to confusion and something more terrible, the player drawn character sketch. Travis realized that a unifying organization could fill that gap and bring beauty and awe to gamers and their characters in a productive and inspi

ring way. He believed that an organization such as K Studio would improve the quality of game play  for all persons involved.

Travis quickly established K Studio and within months found himself buried in the joy of his artwork.  Several character orders flooded in but something still nagged at him.  Until Travis realized there was still one more important member of the gaming community still left adrift alone in the sea  of gaming.  The game masters (GM's) had also been left out by the community at large.  Yeah sure there were gaming supplements but they were one size fits all.  There was nothing that catered to the his particular style of play, until now.  K Studio took up the call to support the gamers of the world with not only quality images and detailed maps but expert writing 

support.  K Studio brought onboard Belida Hon Uckun to take control of the writing assistance department.  With his leadership in this department the pipeline quickly filled with projects.  Two popular supplement had been released Denizens I and Denizens II: Biaxial System with several more still to follow.         K studio was not established to replace the large companies or even the creative thought of the game master.  K Studio wanted to provide a service to help gamers and allow the gaming community to thrive, and unlock the artistic potential of every gamer.

With the success of the first phase of the company's development, Travis decided to open a third department to the company, the writer's studio.  Travis understood the plight of many writers and their attempts to publish or even self-publish and wanted to do something about it.  Three years after opening its doors for business K Studio began to assist writers with getting their books published.  W.E. Zazo-Phillips was one of the first to jump at the chance.  Her first book was published in late July and several more are waiting to follow.  K Studio stepped into the ring of publishing as a small publisher and is looking to increase its standing in the industry.

K Studio is always looking to assist others from players to game masters to small gaming companies looking to get their first product out.  We are tech support for gamers.  Visit our Guest book page if you are interested in our services, or call (908) 328-4355.

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